Baby or Bridal Shower Games and Prize Baskets

There are so many things that go into throwing a baby and/or bridal shower. One of the things I find most difficult to plan are the games and associated prizes. I love games, but hate most of the shower games out there. I’m the no-fun person that grabs my don’t-say-baby-pin, walks up to someone, says “baby” and clips it to them. I want to play fun games, not have to watch my tongue the whole time! Sheesh!

For this reason, I like to try out new games each time I throw a shower (which has only been twice, but whatever). At the most recent shower I threw, we played “Pass the Prize” and “Left and Right” which turned out to be pretty fun. I liked “Pass the Prize” better but both have made my re-play list.

Obviously, the winner of each game is rewarded with a prize. I, much like most people, have no interest in bringing more dollar store crap into my house. But I also know that hosting a shower is expensive, so putting together a gift basket needs to be cheap, functional, and fun. So without further ado, I give you 3 options for shower game prizes and ideas of what to include in each. For each prize, I find it easiest to start with a basket and fill the basket. Pick a basket that is a little on the smaller side so it’ll look extra full. Remember, the baskets don’t need to include every item. Nobody goes to a shower expecting to leave with an amazing prize basket. They’re just hoping for something that doesn’t need to go straight in the trash.


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