Gestational Diabetes Sample Meal Plan

I’m currently in the throes of my second round of Gestational Diabetes. The first time I had it, I stuck to a very repetitive strict diet and allowed for very little deviation from what I knew worked. This time around, the thought of a hamburger for lunch every single day makes me want to cry. I’ve made it my mission to mix it up a little bit and ensure I get to eat a variety of foods.

I’m not many weeks into this round of GD, but I put together a sample weekly meal plan for those of you not knowing where to start or anyone that just wants someone else to plan their meals for them.

There is a caveat here: these are foods that I know do not cause a spike in my blood sugar. Everyone is different. If you notice that something on this menu is causing your blood sugar to rise, try switching it out for something else. Remember, protein and exercise are your best friends when it comes to lowering your blood sugar. If you get an unexpectedly high reading, my trick is a bowl of cottage cheese and a walk around the neighborhood.

It’s also worth stating that we are a meal prepping, left-over eating family. I usually make 2-3 dinners on Saturday or Sunday and we eat them throughout the week. Generally, we eat the same things for breakfast and lunch all week. I’m a creature of habit (especially with breakfast) and deviating from my morning breakfast routine really messes with my day. We also greatly enjoy our snacks.

This mean plan is based off our meal-prepping approach. There are a couple of suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I purchase and make all of them and we eat them as we see fit as the week progresses. There’s no “On Monday, we have x, on Tuesday we have y, etc.”

So, without further ado, here is a sample meal plan for GD:






  • Pistachios
  • Pork Rinds
  • Perfect Bar
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Cottage cheese and No Sugar Added canned fruit or fresh berries


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